coming home & gujarati rice pudding

it hardly seems
a moment passed
before the coming home
to understand
have no end

Bobbie Ward

gujarati rice puddingI’m incredibly happy and excited to be published, yet again, in the latest issue of the Supper Club Magazine, an international magazine bringing together recipes and stories from around the world and celebrating people, culture and roots. The winter issue is titled “Nourishing Dishes and Stories To Begin Again” and it’s filled with delicious comfort food and heartfelt stories. This time, I’m sharing my family recipe for Gujarati rice pudding along with a story of the settlement of my Gujarati community here in Montréal.

Here is an excerpt from “Coming Home”:

…. By this time, despite an exodus following the 1980 Québec sovereignty referendum, we numbered in the thousands, and my peers and I, the first generation of children to arrive here, were grown up and on the brink of grasping the dreams made possible to us by our parents; the first Canadian born generation following closely behind. The custom of sitting on the floor for dining was lost and replaced with larger dining tables. The conversation around the table was now in equal parts Gujarati and English. What didn’t change was the food we ate and served, still the same curries and dals, still rice and rotis. Every so often, my parents would reminisce of the early years, recount stories of the hardships they faced, the obstacles they overcame, and without fail, each time, my mother would recount how on the day we first arrived, at the airport, in all the cheer and excitement, I had tugged at her saree and whispered fearfully “I want to go home.” I vaguely remember that she had replied “We are home.”

indian rice pudding from gujaratrice puddingindian rice pudding | conifères & feuillus

18 thoughts on “coming home & gujarati rice pudding

    1. Yes, it is most certainly kheer… called rice pudding here in the West. The leaves are not edible, they are only for decoration!

  1. These images are so beautiful, that even I who detest rice pudding with a passion akin as to how much I love writing am drooling over the sight of them. The excerpt you posted here is beautiful, it grabs at the heart and does take me back to a time when I also left my home country and ventured a new life outside – I had to return without making a living in an other world, but at least opened up a door for my sister to do it later. Congratulations on being featured once more!!

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