Hello! Bonjour! Namaste! Welcome to conifères & feuillus.  My name is Annika Patel. This blog is what happened when I decided to put together a photobook cookbook of a few of our favourite recipes as a keepsake for my children. Yeah, so I got a little carried away. But hey, that’s alright cause now I can share our recipes with the rest of the world. So wherever on this Earth your kitchen might be, welcome to mine.


A bit more about the blogger and her family

By profession, I am an engineer but switched to becoming a full-time mom some time ago. I live with my husband, John, and our 3 children in the beautiful city of Montréal.  The blog’s name, coniféres & feuillus, is French for conifers and deciduous trees.  Both types of trees can be found in Montréal’s ecozone and yes, we speak French here.

While I am the main blogger behind this site, amateur photographer, dishwasher, general kitchen aid and clumsy cook at best, John is the real chef in our home. He handles the meat (something I still can’t get myself to do), assembles cakes more gracefully than I can dance, and chops vegetables faster than I can even think it. Our 10-year-old son and daughters, aged 8 and 3, serve as helpers in the kitchen, very picky taste-testers and food critiques, but above all, as inspirations behind eating well.

While I err on the side of being vegetarian and have a seriously sinful sweet tooth, John, with his German background, grew up on a “meat and potatoes” diet. Since becoming parents, we have become more conscientious about what we eat. We didn’t want our children to grow up with a lazy indifference about what they put into their bodies and the best way to teach is by example. So we started making changes towards a healthier diet. That meant reducing our intake of meat, sugar, and processed food and eating more whole foods and generally, just becoming more aware of what we ate. We are finally at a place where we feel comfortable. Our number one rule is quite simple: stick to homemade and made from scratch. While we are no nutritionists, our approach is a mix of self-educated and common sense but nothing too complicated or “out there”.  In all honesty, our food is quite ordinary, as are our lives.


Want to know more?

Growing up, I always ate home cooked meals. My parents were immigrants from India and the only way to get by was to stick to a dal/roti/vegetable diet. It was low cost and yet healthy and delicious. When I first moved out of my parents’ home, I didn’t know how to cook, nor did it matter to that much younger and naïve me. I sincerely thought that I could get by on cereal, salads and peanut butter sandwiches. Of course, I soon realized that I could not and my mouth would water just thinking about some of the foods I had eaten at home. When I would call my parents to find out how to make a certain dish, they would eagerly list the ingredients and steps but only in approximations;  a “handful” of this, a “pinch” of that, simmer for a “short” while. They did this because this is how they cooked, this is how our ancestors had always cooked. With no written recipes. I didn’t want my children to fall in the same predicament as I had and I certainly didn’t want them to rely on frozen dinners and take-out.  I had been thinking for a long time to compile my recipes but once the idea of a blog entered my mind, there was no turning back. It just seemed like the right thing to do. And if by sharing, this blog can inspire other families to get into the kitchen, then that is just great!


My toughest challenge

Everything we cook is made first and foremost to eat. I don’t believe in wasting food. And so I have to squeeze the photography bit in before the food gets eaten. With three growing appetites and being an amateur photographer who often needs to fumble with the camera, this is not always easy. Actually, this is my toughest challenge! So if every now and then I put up a recipe that makes 6  and you only see 2 in the photos… you know what happened.

If you are still reading this… thank you! Yes, I tend to ramble sometimes and if you could put up with that, you just might even enjoy my stories!

Annika, xoxo


33 thoughts on “about

    1. Lol… Actually, I sway on the side of being vegetarian but all the recipes you will find here are the ones I make for my family, hence the meaty ones. Bacon, on the other hand, being a cured meat product doesn’t rank too high on my list so you won’t find any of that here! Sorry! Pleased to meet another fellow Gujarati as well! 🙂

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  1. Despite the obstacles you say you encounter, I think your blog is beautifully written, full of yummy recipes and gorgeous pictures. I wouldn’t have known you were an amateur photographer if you didn’t say so. Just keep doing what you’re doing, Annika. It’s working. 🙂

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    1. Rini, you couldn’t have written this at a better time. Thank you so much for your kind words. I know I am still new at this but I can’t help compare myself to bigger bloggers and I feel so left behind sometimes! Thanks for the encouragement!

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      1. I know as females we tend to be hard on ourselves and compare ourselves with others, but it’s not good to do that. It will take some time, but believe me when I say just do what you love to do. Your readership grows every day and it’s not because you have a horrible blog. It’s awesome! 🙂

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  2. I believe in homemade food too, Annika. Everything from scratch and healthy, wholesome stuff. Which does not mean that I do not give into junk cravings once in a while. I now get the wisdom of my mother all those years ago when she bemoaned my penchant for takeaways and fast food. She is quite amazed to see the change in me 🙂 I am looking forward to culling tips from your blog. Cheers.

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  3. Bonjour Annika! So glad to have stumbled across your lovely blog.. photos, failed recipes and all 😉 Thanks especially for that last blog post.. taking me back to Montreal (I live 1/2 a world away).. and La Vieille Europe, the Main, Mile End et al. The best parts of the city. I look forward to reading more about your adventures in food ‘n family… A bientot! Amit

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    1. Bonjour Amit! Thank you for your lovely comment and I am glad that you enjoyed the post. I still live on the island and visit Mile End every chance I get… it’s still by favourite neighbourhood!

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  4. I love your photography style. Dark but vibrant?! I didn’t know that was possible but you present your subjects very beautifully. I found you when I was looking through the comments of Mrs. Twinkle who has “liked” one of my firsts posts and you were saying thank you to her for “liking” one of your firsts a year ago! Seeing your page is inspiring and gives me hope for what I can accomplish ❤

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    1. Thank you dear. I just got back from a blogging break and it’s really nice to get back to comments like these. I still remember that day and how elated I felt! Thank you for bringing back such a lovely memory and for leaving such a kind comment.


  5. Annika, for some time I’ve been admiring your photography on Instagram. Now I see that you are also a beautiful writer! I made this soup today without celery because I didn’t have any, but it is absolutely delicious!

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