spiced carrot and apple cake

Spiced Carrot and Apple Cake | conifères & feuillus

In the midst of winter, the beauty of dead hydrangeas is a reminder of what was and what’s to come.

Past mid-February, here in the Northern hemisphere, we are just one month away from spring equinox. Even though the amount by which sunrise and sunset change each day is now perceivable  and though the days are becoming noticeably longer, here in Montréal, our streets are lined with huge banks of snow. Playing outside with my youngest this weekend, I couldn’t help notice that there are still a few dried flower heads on my hydrangea tree lurking above the two feet of snow on our front yard -a reminder that far below the lifeless sheet of snow and ice, comfortably and patiently, life awaits.
Spiced Carrot and Apple Cake | conifères & feuillus
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valentine’s day gift wrapping


Despite being a grossly commercialized day, at the very heart of Valentine’s Day is in fact the celebration of love. And so, in whatever way that suits you (or more importantly, your loved ones), small and simple, or grand and exquisite, it should be celebrated.

Here is some gift wrapping inspiration.

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vegan chocolate & hazelnut truffles

vegan chocolate and hazelnut truffles

Things turn out best when you make the best out of the way things turned out.

Remember my recipe for homemade chocolate hazelnut spread? Well, one day, it turned into these. How you ask?

vegan chocolate and hazelnut truffles

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rosewater lemon posset

rosewater lemon posset | conifères & feuillus

If you have been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that I made lemon posset recently for the first time.  Posset is a classic British dessert made with no more than cream, sugar and lemons. I used a fantastic recipe that I found here on Tracey O’Brien’s lovely blog. I’ve made it a few times already since then as it has quickly become a family favourite. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I decided to give it a little makeover.

rosewater lemon and blood orange posset | conifères & feuillus

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rye and tuna patties & a tale of two immigrants

rye and tuna patties | conifères & feuillus

The strength of Canada lies in our diversity. Our harmony comes from knowing that there is commonality within this diversity.

Hello my dear ones! I assure you that there is a simple, little recipe down below. But first, a tale of two immigrants (one of which is yours truly).

Our first home in Canada was in the Mile End neighbourhood of Montréal. Back then it was far from being the gentrified hipster hangout that it is now. It had served as the stomping grounds for waves of immigrants, notably English Protestants, Irish Catholics, Jews, Greeks, Italians and Portuguese, long before we arrived. By the time we settled there, in the 70’s, it was already embedded with relics from its rich history.

Every Saturday morning, we took the 55 south to do our weekly shopping on The Main or boulevard Saint-Laurent as it is officially called or Saint Lawrence Boulevard as it was called back then among English-speaking Montrealers. My parents found the shops along this strip far less daunting than the pristine aisle of the large chain stores like Steinberg’s and  Simpson’s. These smaller shops were more in line with what they had been accustomed to back home in India. Money was tight and if a little haggling could save a few quarters and pennies, it made all the difference.  On Saturday mornings, the place was bustling, streaming with new and old immigrants alike. Everyone spoke with a different accent if not a different language and although everything was new for us, we were strangely comforted by the diversity of it all.rye and tuna patties | conifères & feuillus Continue reading

toum, a middle eastern garlic sauce

Toum, a Middle Eastern garlic sauce | conifères & feuillus

Toum is simply a garlic sauce that hails from the Middle East and consists of no more than garlic, lemon, oil and salt. It’s very similar to the Mediterranean region’s aioli and what is often referred to simply as garlic sauce here in North America.  If you’ve had a bite to eat at a Lebanese restaurant, you’re sure to have had some!

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lime smoothie

Healthy, easy and delicious: 3-ingredient lime smoothie. | conifères & feuillus

Today’s recipe is a not-so-typical smoothie recipe. All you need for this recipe are about half of a lime, some milk and any type of sweetener. How does this become a smoothie?


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