scandinavian strawberry and cream

They have arrived. More specifically, they arrived last week. They being the first harvest of Québec strawberries. After a long winter of eating jet-lagged, unseemly large strawberries from California and Mexico, these homegrown ones are met with great anticipation and welcome. By far, they are the sweetest strawberries that I have ever eaten. The first week was spent gorging on just plain strawberries right out of the carton; the only prerequisite being that they are first washed of course. This week, my thoughts have turned to finding a new strawberry recipe to try.

scandinavian strawberry and cream | conifères & feuillus

scandinavian strawberry and cream | conifères & feuillusI noticed on the carton a sign bearing the words “mets de la crème” which is French for “put some cream”.  Lucky me. I found this one on one of my favourite food blogs, My Nordic Kitchen. The young lady behind this blog, Therese, is Norwegian and she has always got some very refreshing recipes. Living in a cosmopolitan city such as Montréal, I am lucky to meet people from all corners of the world. Sadly though, I haven’t any Norwegian friends or acquaintances, actually not from any Scandinavian country for that matter. So for now, her blog is helping to fill that void. I was hesitant at first to try this simple strawberry with cream and milk dessert. (I was one of those kids that always passed on having fruit in my bowl of milk and cereal.) The thought of strawberries soaking in milk and cream didn’t seem all that appetizing. But it is such a simple dessert that I gave it a try and whoa! what a pleasant surprise! Give it a try, you are in for a treat from Norway. Thank you Therese!scandinavian strawberry and cream | conifères & feuillus

scandinavian strawberry and cream | conifères & feuillusStrawberry and Cream (from My Nordic Kitchen)

Wash and chop strawberries.
Add milk and cream (I added equal parts of each).
Sprinkle some sugar.

8 thoughts on “scandinavian strawberry and cream

  1. Besides in shortcakes, this is how we always ate our strawberries as desert when I was a kid ! Thick cream, and brown sugar. Still a treat! And in winter, we’d replace strawberries by bananas.

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