a promise made & red cabbage with balsamic vinegar

A promise is a cloud, fulfillment is rain.  -Arabian proverb

Hello World.

With these words, I begin a labour of love dedicated to my three loves, my three outstanding children whom I am so proud to call my own. conifères & feuillus is where I will record, as promised to them, all of our family recipes for them to use one day and make memories around the table of their own. In the meantime, I shall share them with the world. So let’s begin.red cabbage with balsamic vinegar | conifères et feuillus;

I’ve always been one to support the underdog. So I guess it’s only fitting that I begin with red cabbage, one of the most underrated vegetables.  For years, even I would pass it by in a grocery store without any thought. I didn’t know how to cook it and if truth be told, I still don’t. But this vegetable is a staple in our household. This simple, easy-peasy salad can be found in our refrigerator at any given moment.  We use it for everything from a salad on its own, to an ingredient of a salad, to a condiment for a burger or sandwich. It’s versatile, packed with flavour and nutrition. And did I mention easy!

The key to taking this vegetable from blah to yummy is the balsamic vinegar that you use. Not too long ago, I thought that all balsamic vinegars were the same. Now I know differently and am immensely grateful for it. I use the one featured in the photos (not paid advertising) by Maison Orphée and wouldn’t trade it for any other.red cabbage with balsamic vinegar | conifères et feuillus food blog

red cabbage with balsamic vinegar | conifères et feuillus food blog

red cabbage with balsamic vinegar | conifères et feuillus food blog

Here’s the so-called recipe.

Red cabbage with Balsamic Vinegar

1 small head of red cabbage, cored and finely shredded

a good drizzle of good quality olive oil

a good drizzle of good quality balsamic vinegar

Toss all the ingredients together. Allow for the vinegar to do its magic over-night or at least a few hours. Keeps well in the refrigerator for about a week.

6 thoughts on “a promise made & red cabbage with balsamic vinegar

  1. Read a lot of teachers blog! I just want to say that I found the goal when my child was growing up! Like you study! Although every study is to wait for the child to fall asleep. I will make more delicious food! Our Chinese food is delicious!

    1. How wonderful for you to visit my blog, Ling. Yes, I know how tough it is to find spare time when the kids are young, just start slowly. Your authentic Chinese food is definitely worth sharing with the world!

  2. So happy i found your blog, its beautiful and with great recipe! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for such a lovely comment, darling Vibecke. I see you have a blog as well … good thing cause I already know that you are a fine photographer! Happy to connect with you here as well as on Instagram!

  3. Of course, as a German, it is unthinkable not to have red cabbage with certain meat dishes. Just log into my site shortly and you will see how we make this at home (Mom’s recipe!). Btw, where are you? Can not see anything in “About” sadly – but there seems to be a french connection ?! 🙂 🙂
    Thank you for following me now – welcome!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you. I will definitely look at your Mom’s recipe. My husband is half German and a while back he made his grandmother’s red cabbage recipe with apples. It was delicious. Sorry about my “About” page. I just started blogging and my site is not yet up-to-date…. soon. We live in Montréal and yes, we speak French here. Looking forward to following your blog.

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