valentine’s day gift wrapping inspiration

Despite being a grossly commercialized day, at the very heart of Valentine’s Day is in fact the celebration of love. And so, in whatever way that suits you (or more importantly, your loved ones), small and simple, or grand and exquisite, it should be celebrated.

Here is some gift wrapping inspiration.


I used an old pencil box to package some homemade trufflestruffle-box

Or if you can find a gem like this one, a handmade paper box in the shape of a heart and decorated with paper roses, then there really is not much decorating left for you to do.


I think the most perfect gift is simply a heartfelt, handwritten note telling someone how much you love them or appreciate them or how grateful you are for having them in your life. Long after the chocolates have been eaten, the flowers have wilted, this note will be safely tucked away somewhere. From time to time, it will be taken out and read, with a flutter of the heart or a smile on the face and with that same happy feeling as on the day it was first received. I’ve packaged it here in a simple, wooden craft box.


Happy Valentine’s Day!! xoxoxo


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