christmas gift wrapping inspiration

I love wrapping up gifts! I could do this all day, every day. And it was just a matter of time before this obsession made its way to the blog.

winter-inspired gift wrapping | conifères & feuillus

As much as I don’t like the commercial aspect of Christmas, the act of giving is an intrinsic part of human nature and well rooted in customs all over the world. But giving should never be governed by commercialization or judged on monetary value. As the cliché goes, it’s the thought that counts. And what better way to show that you put thought into every step of the process than by presenting a beautifully packaged gift? For me though, gift wrapping is a completely selfish act, driven by the opportunity to be creative and to create something that is beautiful even though it will be dismantled once the gift is given.

I find great beauty in the simplest of things and so, even for gift wrapping, I stick to simple things: handmade or craft paper or cloth for wrapping, paper or wooden boxes, glass jars, string, ribbons and some seasonal flora. Nothing extravagant. And notice how these are all recyclable or reusable? Here are some of my creations that I managed to snap a picture of before giving away.  I hope they will inspire you.

I started with:
winter-inspired gift wrapping | conifères & feuillus
And came up with:
winter-inspired gift wrapping | conifères & feuillus
winter-inspired gift wrapping | conifères & feuillus
winter-inspired gift wrapping | conifères & feuillus

Note: For attaching pine cones, simply wrap a string around the topmost scales or use hot glue to attach a wooden bead to the pine cone, and once dried, loop a string through the bead.

9 thoughts on “christmas gift wrapping inspiration

  1. I love wrapping gifts too, adding little things from here and there, twigs, flowers, home made labels, recycled papers and ribbons, pages from big calendars, etc. It is as much a pleasure for me as it is – so far I can see – for people who receive gifts too. Thanks for your very pleasant and creative and tasty blog 🙂

      1. Don’t be hard on yourself. 🙂 You would be surprised how poorly people wrap these days (if they wrap because I always get things in bags) and they don’t even have that little special touch to it. Sometimes less is more. 🙂

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