easy radish recipes

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While half of the world lives autumn, the other half lives spring. Have you noticed how balanced our life always is? -Roxana Jones

Happy Equinox! Today the sun is perfectly poised to shine directly on the equator. Of course, it is the Earth’s tilt that changes our position relative to the Sun. A tilt of merely  20-some-odd degrees and seasons happen!

Radishes are often thought of as a spring vegetable. Here in Montréal, they are one of the first of our local crop to debut at the market in early spring. But radishes are more correctly a cool weather vegetable and can be cultivated here all the way into late fall. They also have a short time to maturity ensuring that they can be harvested many times during their growing season. Here are two quick and easy ways to enjoy this cool weather friend.easy radish recipes | conifères & feuillus

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treasures from our homeland & gujarati dhokla

gujarati dhokla | conifères et feuillus food blog

Great food knows no borders.

I was three years old when, on an otherwise ordinary November day, we made our journey from our tiny ancestral village in Gujarat, India to Canada. Although, we wore our best clothing, I am sure, by Western standards, we did not purport to anyone of great status, nor were we. But unknown to even ourselves, we carried great treasures with us that day.gujarati dhokla | conifères & feuillus
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shades of blue: breakfast blueberry oatmeal muffins

whole wheat breakfast blueberry muffins; conifères et feuillus

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance- pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, that’s for thought. -William Shakespeare

breakfast blueberry oatmeal muffins | conifères & feuillusI love summer mornings when I can wake up with the sunrise and the world (it seems), as well as my loves, are still asleep and quiet. And I have time to sort out my thoughts. I do this best in my kitchen while measuring and weighing, mixing ingredients and watching something great come together.

In this quiet solitude, I take out my hurts and pains; so many shades of blue. I weigh and measure them as I do my ingredients. Some remain raw and heavy as they were the day they happened and I sink them quickly into the deepest, darkest oceans of my thought. In these quiet mornings, I look for answers. That never seem to come. But a walk in my garden always lifts me up; on dew laden grass, barefoot. I hear bird songs over scents of rosemary. I see the miracles of petals and leaves, and small creatures, and the beauty of life and decay and the fragility of it all.

Life is fragile. We are fragile. And we damage easily. But the thing about life is that another morning still comes and begins a new day with a new sunrise and if we are lucky enough to have that, then we should be grateful and make the most of it; weighing and measuring what we have and making something great out of it. Continue reading “shades of blue: breakfast blueberry oatmeal muffins”

scandinavian strawberry and cream

scandinavian strawberry and cream; conifères et feuillus

They have arrived. More specifically, they arrived last week. ‘They’ being the first harvest of Québec strawberries. After a long winter of seeing jet-lagged, unseemly large strawberries from California and Mexico at the grocery store, these homegrown ones are met with great anticipation and welcome. By far, they are the sweetest strawberries that I have ever eaten. The first week was spent gorging on just plain strawberries right out of the carton.

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labneh and lilacs

labneh with lilacs and berries; conifères et feuillus

The smell of moist earth and lilacs hung in the air like wisps of the past and hints of the future. – Margaret Millar

This year, summer begins with the solstice on June 20th. Although, technically, the season of spring is as long as the other three seasons, here in Montréal, it never seems that way. Winter always drags on way past the first day of spring like an unwanted house guest that keeps extending his stay and Victoria day (or Fête de la Reine as it is called in Québec) weekend unofficially marks the start of summer well in advance of the summer solstice. In between are the fleeting days of spring when the lightly coloured buds on tree branches that were just shyly making their debut burst into an opulent mass of green and everyone forgets the stubborn hold the wintry days had on us just several weeks ago. There is something quite bittersweet about these evanescent days, like a romance that has to end before it can take off, the one that you think of now and then and can’t help but smile and wonder what if? During this short spring, gardens throughout the city come to life with tulips and daffodils, crab apples and lilacs in full bloom. Of all of these, lilacs are my favourite.
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