spring gift wrapping inspiration

Springtime wedding, birthday, graduation or baby shower coming up? Here is some springtime gift wrapping inspiration. Unsurprisingly, the prominent feature are spring blossoms!

spring gift wrapping inspiration | conifères & feuillusUnfortunately, these blooms won’t look as fresh for long. The best way around that is to store them in a closed container in the fridge (up to two days max) until you are ready to use them. I’ve even transported a gift in a picnic cooler once to maintain the freshness of the blossoms.

Any springtime flower will do and even though they won’t last long, they will make a lasting impression!

spring gift wrapping inspiration | conifères & feuillusspring gift wrapping inspiration | conifères & feuillusspring gift wrapping inspiration | conifères & feuillus

9 thoughts on “spring gift wrapping inspiration

  1. So beautiful, Annika. I’m sorry to say that gift wrapping is not among my talents. But your gorgeous photos make me want to try better. What would you suggest for autumn/winter wrapping??

    1. Thank you! During our colder months, when there are no flowers in my garden, I turn to using greenery from our native conifers, a bundle of branches, or pine cones. I also dry flowers (some, like roses, lavender and hydrangeas, dry very well) and keep them for the colder seasons. Also, a small cutting from a house plant can work too. For example, I have an indoor olive plant and a clipping of an olive branch works wonders. Finally, you can just purchase one or two fresh flowers from a flower shop if you must. And these ideas are not just for gift boxes… I use the same decor on envelopes as well! 🙂

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