chocolate almond granola

chocolate granola | conifères et feuillus food blog

There are so many good reasons to make your own granola. First of all, it’s way too easy to not be making it yourself. Secondly, you can custom make it exactly how you and your lovies like it: almonds or hazelnuts or both; chocolate chips instead of raisins; maple syrup or honey…. you get the picture. Lastly, it’s so much cheaper than buying from the store.chocolate granola | conifères et feuillus food blog

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shades of blue: breakfast blueberry oatmeal muffins

whole wheat breakfast blueberry muffins; conifères et feuillus

There’s rosemary, that’s for remembrance- pray you, love, remember. And there is pansies, that’s for thought. -William Shakespeare

breakfast blueberry oatmeal muffins | conifères & feuillusI love summer mornings when I can wake up with the sunrise and the world (it seems), as well as my loves, are still asleep and quiet. And I have time to sort out my thoughts. I do this best in my kitchen while measuring and weighing, mixing ingredients and watching something great come together.

In this quiet solitude, I take out my hurts and pains; so many shades of blue. I weigh and measure them as I do my ingredients. Some remain raw and heavy as they were the day they happened and I sink them quickly into the deepest, darkest oceans of my thought. In these quiet mornings, I look for answers. That never seem to come. But a walk in my garden always lifts me up; on dew laden grass, barefoot. I hear bird songs over scents of rosemary. I see the miracles of petals and leaves, and small creatures, and the beauty of life and decay and the fragility of it all.

Life is fragile. We are fragile. And we damage easily. But the thing about life is that another morning still comes and begins a new day with a new sunrise and if we are lucky enough to have that, then we should be grateful and make the most of it; weighing and measuring what we have and making something great out of it. Continue reading “shades of blue: breakfast blueberry oatmeal muffins”